Nanowerk spotlight article on our Optical Memristor Research:

Learning in artificial synapses tuned by light


filamentary_deviceOur latest work on the development of Optical Memristors for Light-Tuneable Synaptic Learning has been published in Advanced Electronic Materials. In this work we demonstrate very large optical switching between two resistive memory states.

 (see DOI:10.1002/aelm.201900197).

label-free nanogap biosensor2Our recent work on the development of a label-free nanogap capacitive biosensor has been published in PCCP. In this work we take advantage of a very small distance between metal electrodes to eliminate electrode polarization effects that normally produce very large parasitic capacitance.

(see DOI:10.1039/C8CP05510F).


Optical_memristorTOC1a  Optical_memristorTOC2a

Our recent work on reversible optical switching memristors with tunable STDP synaptic plasticity has been pubished in the journal Nanoscale.


The article has also recieved the following media attention.

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