Label-free Impedance Sensor for the Detection of Biomarkers with Ultra High Sensitivity and Specificity

Our research in this area over the last five years has culminated in the development of a novel label-free electronic sensor that can detect biomarker proteins and molecules with ultra-high sensitivity and specificity. The heart of the device consists of a sensor with nanoscale engineered aptamer functionalized electrodes that immobilizes proteins and molecules with very high specificity. The total size of the active sensor area, containing one hundred devices (as shown below) is about the size of a human hair. The sensor can be used to detect a wide range of bio-markers in trace quantities that are important in the early detection of deadly diseases such as cancer and heart disease. We are also investigating the use of the sensor in environmental monitoring. We are currently seeking a route to the development and commercialization of a microfluidics integrated system for multi-array disease screening as well as a low-cost hand-held sensor  that can be used for the detection of contaminants in food products.


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