Electronic memristors represent a new generation of electro-optic devices that directly emulate the chemical and electrical switching of biological synapses, i.e. the key learning and memory components of the human brain. For the first time it is now reasonable to imagine the fabrication of artificial neural networks, that emulate key learning functions and capabilities of the human brain, through the development of electrical memristors with high-density integration, low power consumption and ultra-fast performance, thereby, potentially, ushering in a whole new era of artificial intelligence, devices and applications.


Our research focusses on the dynamic patterning of memristor networks, both spatially and temporally, via light, thus allowing the development of new optically reconfigurable neural networks, adaptive electronic circuits and hierarchical control of artificial intelligent systems with a whole raft of applications, e.g., the next generation of smart optical communications networks for faster, more reliable and robust internet connections.



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