Funded Postdocs and PhD students

No postdoc positions currently available.

Funded PhD positions for UK home students are sometimes available, please contact Dr Neil Kemp directly.

Commonwealth PhD Scholarship

You may be eligible for a Commonwealth funded PhD scholarship.

British Council Scholarships

The British Council offers a number of opportunities for PhD scholarships or short-term research stays.

China Scholarships Council (CSC)

We warmly welcome students from China interested in doing a PhD in our group. Please see here for information on applying for a CSC.

Self-funded MSc and PhD students

If you have your own funding or have an externally sponsored PhD studentship and are interested in our research topics, please do not hesitate to contact Dr Neil Kemp directly.

Some current PhD projects available are:

1. Ultra-fast optical switching memristors for neuromorphic computing and photonic applications.

2. Nanogap capacitive bio-sensors for the early detection of deadly diseases.

3. Single molecule spintronics devices based on planar nanoscale devices.

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