We have expertise in Bi-Layer Nanoimprint Lithography and Microelectronics Design and Fabrication.Wire-bonded device

Our facilities include a class 1000 cleanroom, Suss Mask Aligner, Nanoimprint Lithography, Bruker AFM, Bruker Dektak, RF Magnetron Sputtering Systems for Metals and Dielectrics, Autolab 500 E-beam Metal Evaporator and a Kulicke & Soffa Wire Bonder.

Some examples of our fabricated devices are shown below:

Combined Nanoimprint Lithography + Photolithography

NiFe2 nano_device_2

Bi-Layer Nanoimprint Lithography

Undercut1a Undercut2a

(note: a specific advantage of using the bi-layer approach is the ability to undercut the edge of the PMMA layer to improve lift-off )


Single Layer Nanoimprint Lithography

Image of device


Si Wafer Diced Devices


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